Located on Mariahilfer Gürtel in downtown Vienna, Wood exudes the warm and relaxing vibes of nature. Perfectly located between the Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus district, Neubau and the Mariahillfer district, Wood captures the aesthetic of the three most vibrant districts of Vienna.

Located in the intersection of three renowned Viennese districts

Wood is based at the edge of Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus, one of Vienna’s most multicultural areas. The neighborhood is rich with hints of Turkish and Balkan culture, whose storied influence leaves traces on the many storefronts and iconic restaurants. For a taste of the heart of Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus, stop by Turnhalle for a weekend brunch. This cultural heritage location was once an important landmark for the Jewish community in Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus, and remains one of the city’s must-see attractions.

Across the street from Wood is the Mariahilfer district, named after the baroque church that towers over most of the district. Now quite secular, Mariahilfer is an extravagant paradise, and features the famous village-within-a-city of Gumpendorf. This area boasts a wealth of pedestrian zones and a shopping strip equipped with any boutiques one could think of. An emphasis on high fashion is highlighted by the locals, whose elegant stylings create an aura of postmodern design.

A model for the future of sustainable interior design

Wood has a resolute ambience in three of the most culturally significant districts in Vienna. The sustainable design fuses together elements of the multicultural, contemporary and hip aesthetic, reflecting the character of the three surrounding neighborhoods: Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus, Mariahilfer and Neubau.

With an avant-garde interior design made entirely of sustainably sourced spruce trees, Wood’s name gives away its radical design. Over the course of several months, the towering six storeys of Wood’s architectural structure and façade were constructed. The building casts a shadow over the Mariahilfer Gürtel like an urban tree, giving the three areas the powerful sensation of nature in a downtown setting. For each of the 1,500 spruce trees that were used in construction, they were replaced with one or two seedlings located eight minutes away in Vienna’s enchanting forest.

Sustainable design is becoming an increasingly dominant force in the market, as both travelers and the travel industry attempt to reduce their carbon footprint. Wooden buildings could provide a potential solution, as trees take in CO2 their entire lives before being used in construction and replaced in sustainable woods. Buildings made of wood are also easier to insulate, meaning more energy is conserved in the long-run.

When guests enter the wooden building, they’re greeted with furniture, artwork and touches of nature made entirely out of wood. The warm and relaxing atmosphere encapsulates the feeling of the forest with rich and aromatic smells transporting guests while they sleep to a magical woodland before waking up to explore the city.

Travel sustainably with our COSI concept

At COSI, we believe in uniting the comfort of a private home and the delight of a boutique experience. The rooms at Wood represent our mission to become a more sustainable brand. Our sustainable design extends from the building to the products we offer like REN shampoo that comes in reusable glass bottles, recycled paper, locally sourced water along with sustainably and ethically grown coffee and tea that come in zero plastic packaging.

The multi-purpose space is suited for both leisure travellers who wish to enjoy Vinenna at their own pace as well as people who are looking for a temporary residence for extended stays. Thanks to our unique business model and technology initiatives, we are democratising the boutique experience at an affordable price point.

We cannot wait to welcome you into our new residence in the heart of Vienna.